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Our Schools

Watch and Learn About BASIS Charter Schools

What do our teachers and students have to say about the BASIS charter schools experience?

BASIS.ed Primary School Program Video

The nationally-ranked BASIS.ed academic program was founded on the notion that any student can be taught to love learning. Thanks to our passionate and supportive K–12 subject expert teachers and STEM-inspired, liberal arts curriculum, BASIS students are prepared for future successes in higher education and beyond.

How does the BASIS.ed curriculum shape the world’s most-prepared students?

The BASIS.ed curriculum is a rigorous, challenging, supportive academic experience that is ranked as one of the best in the world.

Proven Results

BASIS.ed students consistently rank among the top in the world in critical thinking and problem solving in math, reading, and science. A BASIS.ed education is a blend of the rigorous standards seen around the world plus the ingenuity and creativity so often associated with American education.

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