BASIS Baton Rouge

Image: BASIS Baton Rouge logoBASIS Charter Schools are exploring the possibility of expanding into Baton Rouge for the 2018 school year!

In our K–4 program, students are not just taught content, but also the necessary skills of organization, time management, and study habits. The BASIS.ed curriculum includes a wide array of classes ranging from English and Math/Science to Mandarin, Physical Education (both traditional and Kenpo), Music, Drama, and Art. Additionally, BASIS.ed is proud to offer our signature Connections courses for grades 1–4. There are two different kinds of Connection courses: "All Connections" focuses on the knowledge students acquire in their other classes and brings it all together, presenting students with scenarios in which they work in small groups to solve problems, drawing on the entirety of their learning. "Fine Arts Connections" does the same, but focuses on their Fine Arts knowledge acquired in Music, Drama, and Art.

The curriculum for students in grades 5–7 is the foundation that makes possible the academic achievements of the upper school. Students in 5th grade take Latin, General Science, Physical Geography, Math, Classics, English, PE, Art, and Music. Students in 6th grade study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, U.S. History, and Latin, and also choose an elective. Electives include Band, Drama, Guitars, and Creative Writing.