Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving

Matching Gifts – Texas

Double Your Donation!

Did you know that you can double the impact of your ATF donation?

Many companies match their employee's donations dollar-for-dollar – so a $500 donation can easily turn into a $1,000 or even $1,500 with a matching gift! Many employers also provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours, so your day volunteering at the school can turn into a monetary donation as well.

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If you find your employer through this search, there are two ways to initiate the matching gift:

  1. If your employer uses an online matching gift platform, submit a matching gift verification request through your company's online portal using the address of the BASIS charter school you made your donation through or BTX Schools, Inc. EIN 45-4269957 depending on your employer's matching gift program guidelines.
  2. If your employer uses paper forms to start the matching gift process, obtain the appropriate matching gift verification form from your human resources office. Confirm our official name as (BTX Schools, Inc. EIN 45-4269957). Complete the donor information section and send the form to:



    BTX Schools, Inc.
    Attn: Natalie Dlugajczyk
    7975 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. B100
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258

If you do not find your employer through this search, please check with your human resources office to see if it offers an employee giving program that will match your gift or volunteer hours.

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.

It's an easy way to double your contribution to us!

Volunteer grant programs are corporate giving programs in which companies provide monetary donations to organizations where employees volunteer regularly.

If you volunteer with us, it's an easy way to provide us with additional financial support!

Requesting a matching gift or volunteer grant is normally a five minute process, which must be initiated by the donor/volunteer. You can do this by filling out and submitting a paper match form provided by your employer or through an electronic submission process.

Please search our database for company specific information.

Most employers allow their employees to designate where they want the matching gift and volunteer grant money to go. Whether you designate your match to go toward the Annual Teacher Fund or leave that selection blank, all matching gift and volunteer grants go toward the Annual Teacher Fund.

The charity selection available to employees varies by employer. Some employers will allow their employees to nominate each BASIS charter school as a separate charity, while others will only allow the legal entity BTX Schools, Inc. as a selection. Regardless of what charity name is available through your employer, your donation will be designated to your school when the funds are received. As long as you have not requested to be anonymous, our system allows us to fit your match to your school.

We partner with a company called Double the Donation. If you see anything that should be changed, please email Double the Donation's team at

For questions regarding your company's programs, please contact your employer's human resource or community giving department. Much of the necessary information is also available on your company intranet.

For questions regarding submitting a matching gift or volunteer grant request to us, please email